Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 27

Case Study - Essay Example The company has identified the prom from the statistics that it has collected, it will be therefore prudent to seek solution to this problem. The major objective of using AI is that it accentuates the positive, rather than seeking for a problem to fix it. Is main objective is to pursue and pinpoint the distinctive qualities and exceptional strengths of an organization, which members can build on to improve performance. The AI process consists of four steps, discovery, dreaming, design and destiny. In regard to Discovery the Parkway Nursing Care leaders should seek to identify what they think are the organizations strength. The employees of Parkway Nursing Care will give the occasions of when they felt that they are satisfied in their jobs. In the dreaming stage is supposed to make employees to use the information from discovery phase to speculate on possible futures. The design will be aimed to make the employees of Parkway Nursing Care to find a common vision on how the organization will look like in the future and agree on the unique qualities. On the fourth phase the employees will aim to fulfill their dream by typically writing actions plan and implementing their strategies. Parkway Nursing Care will face some resistance when they are implementing this phases of AI, the most common form of resistance to change will be because of fear of unknown. Resistance to change will also appear to be very selective since each employee would want a change that benefits them. There employees are not engaging in their respective jobs as required, this implies that the board of directors have to re-energize the workforce. The employees have to make believe that it is very meaningful for them to engage in their job. To reenergize the work force the employees’ job characteristics has to be enhanced as well as the make sure that the resources at Parkway Nursing Care are sufficient. This will ensure that the workers are reenergized and the work is done

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